What I Know is True

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

What I know is true…..

My reason for existence is sleeping in her bedroom in the middle of this rainy afternoon

I want to be a vegetarian again…but can’t turn down a good steak

How to do your taxes, change a tire and fill out a job application should be taught in every school

Macaroni and cheese is the best comfort food

We are destroying ourselves with 9-5, 40 hour work weeks

Life is more than a paycheck

If you don’t like chocolate, you’re wrong

Books are the best friends I ever had

Fable is an underrated video game

‘Things’ are complete wastes of money and I have far too many

Chicken soup really can warm you from the inside out

Supernatural and Scrubs are the best tv shows when I need a break from the everyday

I procrastinate far more than I should

Spend money on skin care not make-up

And, one day in the not too distance future, I will live on a beach…even if it’s just for a little while

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