Ghost or No

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So. I post a lot of my real life online. And in this blog. I am the cliched open book. If you ask, I’ll tell.

I’ve avoided blogging this last 2 weeks because…I don’t know what is actually happening.

I have a long distance boyfriend. 3 years. He was recently injured in a war zone. The last couple months he’s been recuperating in a hospital overseas. We’ve spoken a couple times.

Our last conversation was a series of mixed signals and communication. He misunderstood a messgae. I did the same. Neither of us taking a minute to breath and read what the words actually meant.

We’ve not spoken in 16 days.

I am very stubborn. He is more.

I broke down and reached out. Nothing.

I could jump to the conclusion I am being ghosted…but I’m not blocked. I’ve not been shut out.

But, also, no response.

Then there’s the hospital that he’s been in and out of for the last 6 weeks. It’s entirley plausible he’s back in and unable to connect.

So, what do I do? I have no one to reach out to. No one to get any confirmation from. One of the biggest pit falls of long distance coupling. One of many.

So. I’m waiting. Trying not to worry. Or let my imagination go crazy. Yet.

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